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Massage Boutique 

Address: 2/118 North Road,

                 Warragul VIC  3820,                                Australia

Phone:   0422 208 160

Email:       caringbynature@optusnet.com

Skincare Boutique

Address: 14 Palmerston St,

                 Warragul VIC  3820,


Phone:   0422 208 160

Email:       caringbynature@optusnet.com

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                Select our "Moment" massage, and add enhancements that will nourish your Mind, Body and Life..


A moment all for you! 

This idyllic space has been created for you to recharge your energy and spirit through the healing benefits of massage therapy. Select a massage from our menu below and to intensify your treatment add on enhancements. Relieve tension and stress. Increase well being and relaxation

$60   | 40 MIN 

$80   | 60 MIN 

$100 | 80 MIN

$140 | Floatage

A table massage 40|60|80 minutes, focusing on the whole body, upper body or lower body, at your request 

Moment Massage (Table)

A table massage 80 minutes for expecting mother’s 12weeks +, focusing on the whole body. Soft pillows for support and side positioning for comfort. Using a gentle aromatherapy blend to promote a restful sleep

Pre-Natal Glow Massage (Table)

A table massage 80 minutes, using hot basalt stones, focusing on the whole body leaving you feeling rejuvenated and renewed 

Hot Stone Massage

The ultimate relaxation experience. One hour floatation and one hour moment massage. De-stress your mind, body and spirit 


Remind yourself of what is important and provide a sense of stability and continuity in your life.

  • One Moment Massage per month. 

  • Keep it for yourself or share it with family and friends.

  • VIP early sign ups to workshops. 

  • Member only event invites (+ one non member guest)


* This can be stopped, paused or rolled over (up to three months) whenever you need. 

* N/A to claim on spot rebate from health insurance, receipt can be emailed to redeem online





One 40 minute massage 


One 60 minute massage 


One 80 minute massage 


Ritual Massage Membership

Enhancements (+$7)

Select as many enhancements as you like. See which ones resonate with you and add them to your massage as a boost.

Clears your mind, reduces headache causing blockages and encourages better circulation. With or without Ayurveda medicinal oil

Indian Head Massage (Enhancement)

Thoughtfully hand blended 100% pure essential oils will heighten your sensory experience and strengthen emotional connections. Choose - Clarity essential oil blend to help you concentrate and clear the mind, Rejuvenate essential oil blend to uplift your mood and body. Balance essential oil blend to ground and centre your soul

Aromatherapy (Enhancement)

Boost your skins appearance with a soothing, hydrating and nourishing facial using additive free, plant based products. Cleanse, mask, moisturise.

Facial Boost (Enhancement)

Warm jade stones will balance and recharge you, restores mobility and healthy muscle function. Using our signature recovery balm of Australian Certified Organic Peppermint, Rosemary and Wintergreen essential oils

Deep Recovery (Enhancement)

Soak tired and achy feet in a warm bath charged with crystals, our signature recovery magnesium salts + organic Shea butter for nourishment, reduce tension and increase circulation in the lower legs and feet

Crystal Foot Soak (Enhancement)

Delicate cotton pads immersed in cucumber water, will soothe tired, dehydrated, puffy eyes. Following a eye massage using rose hip oil and rose quartz roller to improve skins elasticity, fine lines and wrinkles. Leaving your under eyes looking and feeling fresh

Under Eye Care (Enhancement)

Manage muscle dysfunction and musculoskeletal pain with cupping therapy, dry needling, corrective exercises + stretches. All our Massage therapist are qualified and passionate to help you get through your soft tissue injuries and chronic pain

Therapeutic (Enhancement)

Open 7 Days