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Massage Boutique 

Address: 2/118 North Road,

                 Warragul VIC  3820,                                Australia

Phone:   0422 208 160

Email:       caringbynature@optusnet.com

Skincare Boutique

Address: 14 Palmerston St,

                 Warragul VIC  3820,


Phone:   0422 208 160

Email:       caringbynature@optusnet.com

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Our skincare boutique offers a refill station along with homemade products. This has been thoughtfully created to reduce our environmental footprint by eliminating package waste. Use our recyclable friendly packaging, to fill up your skin, hair and body care products which are ALL natural, vegan friendly, additive free and made in Australia! Customise your chosen range with 100% pure essential oils and herbal oils, which have been carefully selected by our in house aromatherapist 

  • Shampoo

  • Conditioner 

  • Body wash

  • Face + body Moisturiser 

  • Face Cleanser

  • Face, body + hair Nourish oil

  • Soap powder

  • Face + body scrub

  • Magnesium Salts

  • Face Mask

  • Hand roll soaps- clarity, rejuvenate, balance, self love, positivity, green thumb, wound heal, little one

All our products are...

  • Natural ingredients 

  • Vegan friendly

  • Made in Australia 

  • Additive free

  • Recyclable packaging 


Customise your product range with our 100% pure, natural, genuine and authentic essential oils.

Open 7 Days